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house information, program cost and requirements


All three of our homes are centrally located in the City of Saint Paul, MN and within 6 blocks of one another, they are all

MASH® CERTIFIED, City of Saint Paul certified and are walking distance to Como Lake/park and bus routes. The como area offers a variety of shops, restaurants and convenience/grocery stores nearby as well as a variety of job opportunities.

All Como Area Sober Living homes are now SUBOXONE friendly.


Meetings and Fellowship:

We offer a safe sober environment, combined weekly AA/NA meetings, weekly house meetings

and group/community fellowship events throughout the year.


All our homes are fully furnished and have FREE laundry facilities, HULU Live TV, HBO MAX, WIFI, nice open common areas with 55" Flatscreen TVs, common household paper supplies, coffee, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies 
~ all included in the program fees.


Program Requirements:

Maintain your sobriety

Attend at least three 12-step meetings a week

Meet with a 12-step sponsor regularly

Attend weekly house meetings

Maintain full time ~ job, school or volunteer schedule

Perform a weekly house chore


Program Fees and Prepaid Sobriety Deposits:

$650/month, along with a first month $300 Sobriety/hold deposit.*

Monthly program fees include all utilities.

*PLEASE NOTE: Prepaid deposits will be entirely forfeited if the resident chooses not to move in.

Please be aware that deposits made to hold your bed is just that - guaranteeing YOUR bed in our house, therefore
by paying a deposit on this site you are making an agreement to move in as planned. Holding your bed denies the opportunity to house another resident and the forfeited deposit makes up for lost program fees for the time held if you choose
not to move in the on scheduled date. Additionally, after a resident moves in, the paid deposit will be entirely forfeited if the resident relapses and/or is removed from the house for breaking any of the rules, not giving 30 day notice of moving or completing his 3-month obligation. Sobriety deposits will be fully refunded when resident has completed obligations of program, gives 30 days notice and thoroughly cleans room, personal space and bedding.

Please call John @ 651.270.5239 for immediate availability, 

phone interview & information on holding your spot ~ or fill out "resident application" above , thank you...

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